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    Free IQ Tests For Kids Online

    Parents use myriad measures to determine the intelligence of children ranging from report card grades to IQ tests. To stay on top of your child's intellectual progress, you can build up a list of free IQ tests for kids available through online providers. An online IQ test designed for children gives you a quick assessment of general intelligence.  These tests are designed to challenge a child’s aptitude in logic, recall, and general knowledge. Full Story »

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    Kids IQ Tests Are Fun

    Many people are interested in the internal workings of the mind and everyone's brain is different and will interpret things in their own unique way. IQ tests have been used for many years to assess an individual's intelligence and these can now be used for phone. In fact it is possible to get IQ tests for kids that can be completed online and are really interesting to look at. These tests can help you to see how your child's brain works and gain insight into their level of intelligence. Full Story »